VSN - 2023
29.September - 1.October 2023 Trondheim, Norway
Vintage Swing Night








Full weekend Lindy Hop Exchange

Event Information

Everything you need to know to fully enjoy VSN 2023!

About the exchange

VSN will be arranged for the 13th time on the 29.September - 1.October.

The perfect way to visit Trondheim, Norway!

3 days with LIVE music and parties!

Vintage Swing Night is a Lindy Hop exchange, but offers a few classes themed to fit the topic; social dance! We also sell curiosity passes, a ticket for those who want to come look, hear and learn more about the dance and the music!

This is a cosy, small and warm event, perfect for those that want to have fun with new and old friends.

Please take some time to read our Code of Conduct





Petter Dalane with friends

Petter Dalane is a Norwegian jazz pianist known for projects like the Petter Dalane Trio, Petter's Jazz Jam, Get Your Goat, Cosmic Swing Orchestra, and SEKUNDA - Norwegian Center for Non-Idiomatic Secondary Music.

Petter Dalane Bio

Petter Dalane is a Norwegian pianist, notable for his involvement in various musical endeavors including "Petters Jazzjam" and the "Cosmic Swing Orchestra." Bringing his talents to the Lindy Hop festival, he is joined by David Andersson on double bass and Tore Sandbakken on drums. On Friday's performance, the lineup will also feature trumpeter and vocalist Jan Ivar Kinn Ekroll, and on Saturday, tenor saxophonist Erlend Vangen Kongtorp will take the stage!

More info about the artists can be found on his webpage https://www.petterdalane.com/

Band Members

Peter Dalane – Keys and vocals

David Andersson - Double bass

Tore Sandbakken - Drums

Jan Ivar Kinn Ekroll - Trumpet and vocals

Erlend Vangen Kongtorp - Sax

Petter Dalane

Dance the night away!

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Exchange Schedule

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18:00 ->
Registration & Welcome
Location: BUL Salen, Søndre gate 22B

Registration and warm welcomes. Let's get those wristbands on.

Class #1 - Lindy Hop Intro Course
Location: BUL Salen, Søndre gate 22B

Join us for a fun-filled introduction to Lindy Hop! Whether you're taking your first steps or looking to rekindle your love for swing dancing, this class promises a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of rhythm to get you moving. Come in comfortable shoes and let's kickstart a swingtastic time together!

Party with Petter Dalane & Friends
Location: BUL Salen, Søndre gate 22B

This amazing band will play the roof off our cozy basement venue and we'll keep the party going all night long (all-night, all - night - long). The first set will start at ~20:30.

00:00 - 01:00
Location: BUL Salen, Søndre gate 22B

Our lovely DJs will end the night with some calm tunes.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Presenting Our Vintage Swing Night Instructors!

Ruben & Sofia

Ruben & Sofia

🎶 Let's swing into the night with our amazing teachers! 🎶
Meet Sofia Zaitseva: Hailing from Ukraine and currently based in Vilnius, Sofia is a passionate swing dancer and teacher. Since discovering swing dancing at 15, she's dedicated herself to mastering the art. With experience dancing across Europe, Sofia, now 21, is known for her skill and can often be found at swing festivals.
Sofia believes dance is a conversation, encouraging personal style and connection between partners. Join us to learn from her and elevate your swing dancing!

And introducing Ruben Garred: Starting his swing journey in 2010, Ruben is all about Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, and Solo jazz. Based in Bergen, he's a dedicated teacher and performer. From international festivals to teaching gigs, Ruben's expertise is vast.
Social dancing is Ruben's heart, aiming to keep the floor alive all night. Swing dancing's music and self-expression are his passions. Join us for Ruben's insights and the joy of swing dancing!

🕺💃 Don't miss learning and dancing with Sofia and Ruben at Vintage Swing Night in Trondheim! 💃🕺

Farooq Khan

Farooq Khan

Farooq Khan is a lindy hop and jazz dancer that splits his time between Seattle, WA and Oslo, Norway.
He draws inspiration from historical greats such as John Bubbles and Gene Kelly, as well as from hip hop and house.

Farooq values teaching dancers to move their bodies in unique ways, and to truly dance movements as opposed to executing steps. He loves the rush of competing and has won at Camp Hollywood (LA), Swing it Berlin, Retro Swing (Warsaw), and recently won the advanced mix and match at the International Lindy Hop Championships (New York).

He also lives for McDonald's and is known to eat 20-40 nuggets at a time.



🧘 Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation as our yoga guru expertly guides you through gentle stretches! 🧘

Maria is a cherished member of our local Lindy Hop community, contributing her vibrant energy to our dance scene.
Beyond her passion for Lindy Hop, she excels as both a physiotherapist and a skilled yoga instructor.

We're truly fortunate that she will be leading a yoga session for us. This class welcomes participants of all levels, requiring no prior yoga experience. With her guidance, you'll delve into a rejuvenating hatha yoga practice, seamlessly merging your dance vitality into your body and facilitating its restoration.

Dagrun & Lasse

Dagrun & Lasse

Lasse is born a swing dancer, and has danced Lindy Hop the last 12 years. He loves the freedom in Lindy Hop, to lower his shoulders and just live in the dance. «What I like the best, is that with a really good basic technique you can do anything, no rules - only creativity!»
Dagrun is most happy when immersed in musical movement in every muscle and fiber. She discovered Lindy Hop ten years ago, and found a dance and a community that allows for playing with the swinging rhythms, explore movements and improvise together.

Lasse and Dagrun are experienced teachers from Trondheim Lindy Hop, where they preach the importance of basic technique, feeling the music, having fun and an open mind.

Linga & Andreas

Linda and Andreas

Once in 2000-and-long-ago Andreas started dancing swing in Trondheim. After having danced some different styles he ended up with Lindy Hop and started competing. At about the same time, Linda found her way into Bårdar Swing Club in Oslo. All spare time was dedicated to either dancing or teaching dance, and all holidays were filled with workshops all around around Europe. In 2012 Linda and Andreas became training-partners in the show group Norweegies. More travelling and more shows followed, while at the same time teaching both Lindy Hop and Balboa in BSC. Two kids and a pandemic later they have settled in Trondheim, looking forward to spread their joy of dancing!

Linda and Andreas’s class is dedicated to variations of a classic move that all Lindy Hoppers should know!

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You mean the world to us..

Welcome to Trondheim

Where to go and what to see!

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral is a Church of Norway located in the city of Trondheim. Built over the burial site of Saint Olav, the king of Norway in the 11th century, who became the patron saint of the nation. It was built from 1070 to 1300, and designated as the cathedral for the Diocese of Nidaros in 1152. After the Protestant Reformation, it was taken from the Roman Catholics by the Lutheran Church in 1537. It is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world.
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